Become a pilot

Become a pilot

The PRONAR Aviation Training Center in Narew has been operating since 30 March 2020. We organize courses, thanks to which you can acquire a glider pilot license and glider acrobatics license. Practical training (basic and advanced) is carried out on our five Polish gliders: SZD-54-2 Perkoz two-seater glider, whose great advantage is the possibility of installing different wingtips, e.g. by installing winglet tips- we increase the wingspan to 20m, improving the parameters of the glider during the thermal flying , while putting on flat wingtips- w reduce the wingspan to 17.5m improving the agility of the glider, which is necessary when doing acrobatics. The second two-seat glider is PW-6U training glider, which we took got from the producent in 2020 and flew its first hours with us since production.  In the center’s fleet there are also three single-seat SZD-50-1 Junior training gliders, which are highly valued by students and pilots because they are a pleasure to fly. We have the most modern glider training equipment of all gliding schools in Poland. The fleet of the aviation school is completed with two-seat ultra-light aircraft WT-9 Dynamic, which is used not only for towing gliders(next to the winch) but also for training future ultra-light pilots and their instructors.

We invite you to the airplane training for the ultra-light aircraft pilot qualification certificate, for  which we have an attractive price compared to other training schools for this type of certificate. Our advantage is an experienced staff of instructors and WT-9 Dynamic aircraft, which stands out from other ultra-light aircrafts. We have excellent conditions for training. Our own aviation infrastructure in form of a modern, spacious and heated hangar and a grass runway with dimensions of 1500 x 31m, hardened with a plastic ‘grid’ mat, which is the longest runway made in such technology.

Each candidate for a glider or airplane training can make a flight with an instructor- either in a glider or in an ultra-light aircraft, before staring the theoretical training an attending an medical examination. PRONAR employees and their families have preferential conditions for flight and flight training in our Aviation School.

In order to start glider training at the center you must be at least 14 years old- no later than on the day of the first solo flight. There is no upper age limit but the key factor is the candidate’s health, which is assessed at the initial (before the training) and later periodic examinations by the examining physician of the aero-medical commission. Then you have to pass the theoretical knowledge course (available on-line e.g. at the Avioner Flight School).
Basic practical training in PRONAR Flight Training Center- under favorable weather conditions- lasts about 7 days. It includes 56 flights with the use of a glider winch, of which the last five are performed by the trainee independently. Afterwards it’s possible to start learning to fly in thermal conditions (with the use of ascending currents) and to fly in Podlaskie Voivodeship (to complete the training in order to obtain a glider pilot’s license, the trainee must have completed at least 15 hours of total flying time, including at least 2 hours of solo flying, flying 50km solo or 100km with an instructor).

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+48 505 799 734 – airplane and glider instructor

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