PRONAR trailer T679/4MN

The PRONAR T679/4MN is a construction trailer designed for the transport of heavy materials (e.g. rubble, stones, ballast and gravel) used during construction, earthmoving and demolition work, but it is also ideal for farms, gravel pits, stone quarries and construction companies.

The body of the trailer is made of two folded 4 mm thick metal sheets, reinforced around the perimeter with robust profiles with cross-sections increasing towards the rear, which makes it much easier to pick up loose material with, for example, an excavator bucket, without causing damage.

The design is based on tandem suspension with longitudinal control arms, which guarantees comfort and safety. The control arms operate independently of each other, so that the trailed trailer remains stable even on bumpy roads. Operation is also facilitated by tyres in size 400/600-15.5, which improves traction when driving on paved roads.

The load compartment is equipped with 4 load securing points (2 at the front and 2 at the rear) to secure the goods transported. The trailer’s mounted invasions facilitate the loading of construction machinery (e.g. a small excavator).

A wide range of optional extras (e.g. a body made of HARDOX® steel, a hinged tailgate and additional extensions increasing the capacity of the trailer from 4.5m3 to 11m3) allows the trailer to be adapted to the needs of the most demanding users.

Dane techniczne wersji standard
Technically permissible total weight 11000 [kg]
Permissible total weight (EU homologation) 9000 [kg]
Payload (EU homologation) 8500 [kg]
Weight 2500 [kg]
Loading capacity (without extensions) 4,5 [m3]
Loading area 7,8 [m2]
Internal load body length (bottom / top) 3540 / 3700 [mm]
Interior load body width 2210 [mm]
Dimension (L / W / H) 5400 / 2400 / 1560 [mm]
Interior load compartment dimensions 550 [mm]
Floor/wall thickness 4 / 4 [mm]
Loading height 1010 [mm]
Wheel base 1960 [mm]
Suspension tandem [mm]
Drawbar eye load 2000 [kg]
Tyres dimensions 400/60-15.5
(z homologacją ECE)
Design speed 40 [km/h]
Tipping system jednostronny
Telescopic cylinder
(stroke / oil demant / pressure)
Minimum tractor power requirement 62,6 / 46 [KM / kW]
Tipping angle of the loading body (rearwards) 50 [°]

• Execution in accordance with European approval (according to Regulation (EU) No 167/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council)• Skrzynia ładunkowa o budowie skorupowej (wersja budowlana)
• Cargo box made of 4 mm thick S355 structural steel (floor, side walls and front wall)• Jedno gięcie 90° pomiędzy ścianą boczną a podłogą;
• 4 lashing points inside the box for securing the load (two at the front on the floor, two at the rear on the side wall)
• Full height rounded front wall
• Aluminium telescopic lip, 3500 mm long and 465 mm wide, retractable between the base frame and the load carrier
• Box tipping system – single-sided (backwards)
• Hydraulic tailgate 325mm high, can be tilted downwards
• Chassis frame welded from rectangular closed steel profiles, with rigid drawbar for connection to the lower or upper link of the tractor
• Swivel drawbar hitch with Ø50mm eye for connecting to tractor lower links
• Telescopic drawbar support
• Tandem suspension with parabolic leaves; with a wheelbase of 1030mm; with axles fitted with Ø300×90 drum brakes
• Two-line air brake system with automatic brake force regulator (ALB)
• Hand crank parking brake
• Lighting installation 12V (LED-PRONAR), with hermetic connections, with marker lights
• Rear lighting lamps with protective grilles
• Spiral connection cable for lighting installation
• Tipping hydraulic system with automatic shut-off valve
• Telescopic tipping cylinder with articulated suspension
• Cargo box service support
• Two wheel chocks housed in galvanised pockets
• Plastic mudguards (behind the rear wheel)
• Rear protective device (bumper) – homologated, rigid
• Warning triangle for slow-moving vehicles (sticker)
• Highly corrosion-resistant paint system using two-component chemically cured paint materials that provide a long-lasting, UV-resistant finish.
• Chassis paint colour RAL15-0590 PRONAR
• Paint colour of the box RAL7021 PRONAR

• Rigid drawbar hitch with Ø40mm eye for connecting to the tractor’s top link
• Rigid drawbar hitch ball K80mm for connecting to the tractor lower link
• 800 mm high extension, made of 2 mm thick metal sheet; with grating window and PLEXI cover on the front extension; with swivelling rear wall with gasket; with two tie rods; with internal and external ladders; increasing the capacity to 11 [m3].
• Cargo box made of HARDOX 450HB wear-resistant steel, 4 mm thick (floor, side walls and front wall)
• Front load compartment canopy
• Hydraulic tailgate made of wear-resistant HARDOX 450HB steel with a thickness of 4mm (inner surface) and a height of 325mm tilting downwards
• Tilt-and-slide tailgate
• Hydraulic scissor-type drawbar support
• Plastic mudguards (in front of the front wheel)
• Side protection (guards)
• Toolbox
• Document tube
• Wheels with ECE-approved tyres: 19.0/45-17; 500/50-17; 500/50R17
• Spare wheel
• Paint colours according to the RAL CLASSIC colour coding system for industrial applications, by specifying the RAL CLASSIC wording and four digits from the colour chart