Flail mowers BKD 160/180/200/202P

BKD mulchers (flail mowers) with side shift allows working on the right hand-side in relation to the tractor. The BKD line includes models with working widths of 1.6, 1.8 and 2m. Mulchers are used not only by municipal companies, but also in horticulture and agriculture, mainly due to their versatility- mowing shredding and maintenance of various types of crops and wastelands.
BKD mulchers are aggregated on the front rear three-point linkage, thanks to a double-sided frame. The side shift is performed hydraulically from tractor.

  1. Powerful mower shaft with replaceable blades
    A wide range of mulcher blades that can be mounted on BKD series, makes it possible to use them for both grass, bushes and thicket mowing on green areas and orchards. The mulching process using flail blades enables shredding of grass clippings and their even distribution on the mowed area. This promotes mineralization of the swath in the soil, which is a natural fertilizer and nutrient supply.
  2. Horizontal shift
    A solution that makes the operator’s work easier is the use of hydraulic horizontal shift (by 440mm) that allows easy avoidance of obstacles (trees in orchards, signs and posts on roadsides) without changing the tractor’s track. When BKD is aggregated at the front of the tractor with the BBK series mower at the rear, the mowing width of the whole combination is significantly increased. Mowers with working width of 2m are with left (BKD202P) and with right (BKD200P sideshift, so they are adapted to work in left and right-hand traffic. Additionally, mounting two BKD mowers on one carrier allows to increase the working width to almost 3.5m with proper setting.
  3. Skids for adjusting the angle of attack on obstacles
    BKD series mowers come standard with easily replaceable sliders and wear-resistant steel inner guards.
  4. Mowing height adjustment with adjustable roller
    Mowing height (20, 40 or 60mm) is adjusted by changing the position of the mowers shaft with an automatic cleaning system that perfectly follows uneven terrain. In comparison with mowers equipped with smaller diameter shafts, the large diameter (ф159 mm) of BKD mower enables higher linear speed of mower blades at the same PTO shaft speed. System of replaceable counter knives made of wear resistant steel increases mulching efficiency.
  5. Shields/covers
    The installation of protection in the form of front steel swinging guards and rear rubber guards together with quick tilt adjustment system ensure the highest level of operational safety.
  6. Powerful drive system
    The drive system is equipped with an angular gearbox with one-way clutch as standard, and dynamically balanced cutting shaft ensures long bearing life and quiet operation of the machine. Drive belts in mowers are tensioned automatically.
  7. Supports both clockwise and counterclockwise PTOs
    This eliminates the need for additional reversing gears. An articulated telescopic shaft is standard equipment.
Technical data of standard version BKD160P BKD180P BKD200P BKD202P*  
Working width 1600 1800 2000 2000 mm
Mounting type 3-point linkage, I or II cat.  
Mounting method Front or rear  
Number of cutting knives 14 16 18 18 pcs
PTO rate 1000 rpm
Min. power requirement 30/40 37/50 51/70 51/70 kW/HP
Working shaft diameter 190 mm
Tracing shaft diameter 159 mm
Side shift (hydraulic) 440 mm
Hydraulic supply One double-acting section  
Connection socket size 1/2”  
Type of knives hammers  
Weight 635 690 730 730 kg
* The BKD202P is the BKD200P left-hand drive mower.
Additional equipment (optional): BKD160P BKD180P BKD200P BKD202P
Cutting shaft acc. to F version (110A knives) 14pcs 16pcs 18pcs 18pcs
Cutting shaft acc. to I version (110B knives) 14pcs 16pcs 18pcs 18pcs
Cutting shaft acc. to J version  (110C knives) 14pcs 16pcs 18pcs 18pcs
Cutting shaft acc. to B version (110E knives) 14pcs 16pcs 16pcs 16pcs
Cutting shaft acc. to K version (110F knives) 14pcs 16pcs 18pcs 18pcs
Cutting shaft acc. to L version (110G knives) 14pcs 16pcs 18pcs 18pcs

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