Bale wrapper PRONAR Z245

Bale wrapper PRONAR Z245 is designed for medium and large-size green crops farms. Due to the hydraulic transfer distributor, the machine is easy to operate. Self loading and unloading system shortens the time of the next wrapping cycle. The hydraulic cutting system enables the process of wrapping without leaving the tractor cab. With bale wrapper PRONAR Z245 the process of wrapping is less time consuming and requires the involvement of less equipment and people. Loading arm allows loading a bale on the wrapping table without stopping. Turntable allows unloading a bale in two ways: on their side or front surface and then easily load it onto the trailer. The use of optional electric control system in the bale wrapper allows to work in a manual cycle, enabling to control the rotation of the table wrapping section after programming the number of wraps. It allows to perform the accurate number of set wraps. It also allows to stop the rotating table in the position for unloading bales after completing the whole wrapping cycle. The control system consists of a controller mounted on the bale wrapper and control console connected with wires to the machine and sensor system. This system controls the operation of each machine systems such as wrapping table position, the position of unloading table and the film.

  1. 1
    Self loading system while operating the tractor without stopping.
  2. 2
    Due to the hydraulic splitter and wrapping counter it is possible to operate the bale wrapper without leaving the tractor cab.
  3. 3
    Unloading the wrapped bales without leaving the tractor cab.
  4. 4
    Ease to use and rapid aggregation with the tractor.
  5. 5
    Low operating costs.
Weight 2070 kg
Lenght in transport/working position 4876/5560 mm
Width in transport/working position 2494/3790. mm
Maximum height 2665 mm
Width 1200, 1500 mm
Bale diameter up to 1800 mm
Permissiable bale weight 1100 kg
Width of the wrapping foil 500 or 750 mm
Power requirement 35,3/48 HP/kW
Required tractor hydraullic outputs (no.) 2 ( 1 pair) pcs.
Suspension single axle, rigid
Tyres 340/55-16
Maximum 30 km/h

Multifuncional wrap counter L-02
Rotary transportation hitch with towing eye 50 mm
Fixed transportation hitch with towing eye 40 mm
Spare wheel (separatelly) 340/55-16
Electric control of 4 functions with programming the number of wraps
* on special order ( do not apply to units on stock )

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