3D model printing

The printer allows rapid prototyping and short production runs in plastic materials using 3D printing based on a 3D model made in CAD systems. The FORTUS 900mc printer allows to generate “Real Parts” from thermoplastic materials, which are perfect for conceptual modeling, prototyping or manufacturing tools or final parts


  • large-scale 3D printer FORTUS 900mc,
  • working space 914x610x914 mm,
  • material application technology: FDM ( Fused Deposition Modeling),
  • dimensional accuracy: ±0.089 mm or ±0.0015 mm/mm (whichever value is greater),
  • thickness of printed layer: 0.178 or 0.254 or 0.330 mm,
  • number of heads: 2 – one for build material and one for support material,
  • material shrinkage automatically taken into account,
  • heated chamber,
  • support material: soluble,
  • support dissolution method: ultrasonic cleaner,
  • capable of processing materials such as: ABS i (medical), ABS-M30, ABS-M30i (medical), ABS-ESD7 (anti-static), PC (polycarbonate), PC-ISO (medical polycarbonate), NYLON 12 (polyamide), ULTEM 9085 (tensile strength 72MPa), PPSF (temperature resistance 190oc).