How to arrange 3000 m2 – for us it’s easy …

Another edition of the International Fair of Technologies and Products for Sustainable Development and Municipal Services “Pol-Eko-System” has finished.
This year’s edition was exceptional for us in many ways.
But let’s start from the beginning …. As you can see, when the right people with a common goal meet , we can easily assume that what they do has a chance of success. This was the case with organization of this project.

3000 m2 – this area was to be organized. We put all hands on deck to cope with this task.
Each day of preparation, all the arrangements , development on models , etc. proved the task was more and more real to happen.

Preparations began a few months ago, and the intensification of activities fell at the beginning of September.
First was the idea, then the careful preparation of the arrangement of buildings, invitations, contacts with customers, preparation of multimedia equipment on the stand. Then came the entire logistics organization, preparation and setting machines and many other activities, the effects of which you can see.


Thank you all

for visiting our stand and for active participation in the Pol-Eco-System.

We are convinced that the development of ideas and solutions contribute to mutual success.

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