PRONAR trailer RC3100-1

The low loading trailer with a load capacity of 18 tons will be successfully used in at least several industries. Thanks to the wide range of available options, it is easy to adapt it to specific work set by its user. The machine is dedicated mainly to work with tractors with a minimum power requirement of 104 HP.

The design of the low loader was based on a three-axle suspension on parabolic springs. The trailer has a load limit of 8 tons per axle, and its permissible gross weight is 24 tons. When a DMC other than the standard chassis is fitted, the DMC may be increased to a maximum of 30 tons. The trailer was designed to transport at a maximum speed of 40 km/h, but optionally can be increased to 60 km/h. An undoubted advantage is the use of twin wheels, which prevents from collapsing in muddy ground.

Transport safety and comfort are improved by the automatic brake force regulator installed as standard (ALB). The RC3100-1 trailer has a third steering axle and is a development of the RC3100 trailer. The load capacity of the trailer is 18,160 kg and the length of the loading area is 6800 mm. The trailer is ideal for moving equipment to farm fields, construction sites or used for transporting bales, straw cubes or hay.

Permissible total weight (for tyres 215/75R 17,5) 135/133J***: 27720 [kg]
Permissible total weight (for tyres 235/75R 17,5) 143/141J*** 30000 [kg]
Permissible total weight (EU: 24000 [kg]
Permissible total weight (for tyres 245/75R 17,5) 136/134L***: 28440 [kg]
Permissible total weight (for tyres 265/70R 17,5) 139/136M***: 30000 [kg]
Load capacity: 18160 [kg]
Empty weight 5840 [kg]
Loading surface of the straight section + extensions: 7,3 (+3,0) [m2]
Total loading area + extensions 21,3 (+3,7) [m2]
Length of the straight part of platform: 6800 [mm]
Overall platform length: 8340 [mm]
Length of ramps 1900 [mm]
Width of floor: 2540 [mm]
Width of floor with extensions**: 3000 [mm]
Overall dimensions (length/width/height) 10410/2550/2550 [mm]
Material of the floor: wooden planks
Platform height from the ground: 980 [mm]
Number of axles: 2 [pc]
Axle load:: 8000 [kg]
Drawbar towing hitch load 3000 [kg]
Braking system double line pneumatic with ALB
Suspension: mechanical parabolic springs
Tyres: 215/75 R 17,5
Tyres: 445/65 R22.5
Maximum speed: 40 (60 optional) [km/h]
Hydraulic drawbar support:: mechanical straight/folded [KM/kW]
Drawbar hitch: ball hitch K80
Mechanically lowered ramps yes
Load holders 19 (23)
Side barriers yes
Minimum tractor power requirement: 104/76,4 [HP/kW]

• Floor: wooden 45mm
• Brakes: drum brakes
• Hydraulic steeling axle lock system
• Suspension: mechanical spring
• Parking brake: hand crank
• Electric instalation: 12V
• Lighting system: LED
• Connecting cable for light instalation: spiral
• Mechanically lowered ramps with protection against accidental opening
• Front support leg: mechanical
• Tipping support legs mounted at rear of the trailer
• Wheel chocks: 2 pcs
• Triangle distinguishing slow-moving vehicles
• Painting materials: Two-component chemically hardened with high durability and UV resistance
• Paintwork: RAL7021 (or as requested)
• Toolbox (~50 l)

• Hydraulic ramp lowering/lifting system
• Hydraulic ramp lowering/lifting system with floating valve
• Single-line hydraulic brake system
• Front support leg: hydraulic
• Drawbar hitch: fixed Ø50 / rotary Ø50 / fixed Ø40
• Floor: oak boards 45mm
• Extended overruns
• Wheels: 235/75 R17,5 245/75 R17,5 265/70 R17,5
• Extended floor + wooden desks
• Hydraulic winch
• Spare tire: 1 or 2
• Water container (~ 30 l) with soap dispenser
• Beacon light
• Oversize sign
• Odometer (axle-mounted),
• Rear bumper
• Bin in front of the trailer
• Inclined floor inset
• Rear wheel mudflaps
• Loading limiter