PRONAR container KO 01

PRONAR container KO01 offers more than 15m3 of load volume and is designed for agricultural use. Construction of this container is additionally reinforced by steel C profiles. Functionality is increased by using of rear double-door with central lock. In combination with hook trailer this container is an excellent tool which offers versatility and high quality workmanship.

  1. 1
    Reinforcements by using C-profiles.
  2. 2
    Ability to transport a various materials.
  3. 3
    In combination with hook trailer this container is an excellent solution even for work in hard conditions.
  4. 4
    Simple construction ensures ease of use.
Permissible total weight: 12000 [kg]
Load capacity: 10450 [kg]
Empty weight: 1550 [kg]
Load volume: 15.1 [m 3]
Loading space: 10.92 [m 2]
Internal container lenght: 4560 [mm]
Internal container width: 2395 [mm]
Internal container height: 1405 [mm]
Dimensions: length/width/height: 5017/2506/1762 [mm]
Floor/wall thickness: 4/3 [mm]
Platform height, measured from the ground: 294 [mm]
External distance between rollers: 2058 [mm]
External stringer’s track: 1060 [mm]
Distance of the container blockade to the hook handle: 3540 [mm]
Hook handle height: 1450 [mm]
Adapted to the hook winch type: T185

Standard equipment
Sidewalls made of C-profiles
Double-wing tailgate with central locking mechanism
Chemically hardened painting materials, UV-resistant