Snow removing has never been so easy …

Snow removing is an everyday reality, which many of us must experience each winter. There is a lot of forecasts foretelling what winter will bring, but why not prepare yourself before? Every year, we hear: “Winter surprised road maintenance contractors”, “sudden attack of winter paralyzed the city”, “snowstorm caused power failure in several provinces.”

Does it always has to be like? We answer emphatically – NO.

Snow removal and de-icing of pavements, roads, squares, parks, other public and utuility areas can be planned and sufficiently in advance to prepare for winter.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of machines Pronar for winter road maintenance:

Snow removing:

Snow removing - Snow plows PronarSnowplows working widths from 1,4m to 5,8m
Snow removing - Snow blowersSnow blowers with a working width up to 2.6m



Cleaning up:

Pronar SpreadersSand spreaders with capacity from 300 kg to 10 000 kg
Sweepers PronarSweepers with a working width of 1.4 m to 2.7 m


Our winter equipment in action: